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Are you contemplating laying laminate flooring in the near future? Below we have set out some valuable information on why Oak Laminate Flooring is such a good choice when choosing your flooring. Laminate flooring Cork has also set out what you should be looking out for when choosing your Oak Laminate Flooring as the floor of your choice.

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What exactly is Laminate Flooring?what-is-laminate-flooring

Laminate flooring is comprised of a mixture of materials compound together through a unique lamination procedure. We have set out below the materials used in the process.

  1. A crystal clear, protective wear layer that is highly resistant to dogs, cats, chairs, and best of all even high heels.
  2. The decorative layer provides a high clarity, highly detailed image. Today’s laminate flooring manufacturers have the technology and ability to realistically replicate everything from hardwood to marble to stone.
  3. A high-density fibreboard core (also known as  HDF) offers contact resistance, stability and long-lasting durability.
  4. A layer comprised of melamine resin offers additional structural stability and moisture resistance.
  5. Underlay (which may or may not be built into the laminate floor itself) is a requirement for any installation. It’s useful in absorbing some of the minor imperfections that may be in the sub-floor and in effect reducing noise when the floor is walked on, and softening some of the contact. Some underlay also offer a moisture barrier on one side, which is a good idea for bathroom and wet area installations.

Oak Laminate flooring is easy to install because it requires no glue or fasteners to the sub floor. Instead, it uses a lock and click installation method and “floats” above the sub-floor, allowing it to expand and contract with the natural temperature and humidity changes in your home.

Oiled natural Oak

Why Choose Oak Laminate Wooden Floors?

Below is a little about Oak Laminate Flooring and its advantages over wooden floors

  • Unlike wood flooring, Oak Laminate floors are  extremely scratch resistant
  • Laminate floors are Sunlight fade resistant. Wooden floors are not.
  • Laminate Flooring is stain resistant. If you have a spill a quick wipe and its like new again. With wooden floors their is a danger that the solution that has spilt could seep into the core of the wood flooring and this is real bad for flooring.
  •  Oak Laminate Flooring is clearly rated. Click here to find out the difference in the quality of the ratings.
  • Oak Laminate Flooring is simple and easy to care for. A lot easier than trying to maintain wooden floors.
  • You can install laminate wood flooring in most rooms in your home ( even the kitchen)

If you want the natural beauty of wooden floors with quick and simple installation at a most competitive price , then Oak Laminate Flooring is the choice for you. In Ireland  because of our climate  Oak Laminate Flooring is the choice of many. Because of its rich and relaxing shades Oak has naturally been the “Chosen One” when it comes to choosing floor covering.

Maintaining and cleaning your floors are easy… plus, if you choose from the more durable 8mm and 12mm laminate flooring range they are backed by up to a 20-year warranty.

A beautiful Oak laminate floor can set the stage for the room of your dreams. From exotic to traditional, richly detailed to sleek and smooth, Oak laminate flooring offers authentic beauty and hand crafted details that can transform a room. Choosing laminate flooring over the more expensive wooden floors  can be a greater and perfect solution for you.  Don’t forget – Laminate Flooring Ireland  is  here to provide expert assistance when choosing  Oak Laminate Flooring in Cork and the 32 counties.

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What are the popular brands for laminate flooring and what should you look out for when choosing?

There are quite a lot of flooring brands to choose from when buying your laminate flooring. Some of the more well known that come to mind are names like Quick-Step, Pergo and Balterio. We believe because of our commitment to Quality & Price in time the OnlyOak brand that fends off wear better than any solid wood will be the chosen brand of many.

What should you look for when choosing your flooring?

  • When it comes to laminate flooring, it’s all about the AC rating. You should find the AC rating and how many years it is guaranteed for, This should be displayed on all packs of laminate flooring. If it’s not on the packaging, our advice is simple, don’t buy it!
  • The flooring gets its AC rating from vigorous tests that include impact resistance, burn resistance, stain resistance, swelling under moisture, and also includes a Tabor Abrasion test. From this test, the results are collated, and the laminate floor is given an AC rating (which means abrasion class rating), with the higher the number often associated with the better quality laminate floor.

Below we have listed the ratings and what the mean:

    • AC1 – laminate flooring is designed for residential areas with light traffic. Okay for bedrooms but we advise everyone to pay a little extra (normally about €1/€2 per sq yard) and go for AC 3/31 at a minimum when choosing flooring .
    • AC2 – laminate flooring can withstand more traffic than AC1.  Again not the greatest but suitable for living rooms and dining rooms.
    • Ac3/23 -Medium residential traffic and normally has a 6  year guarantee
    • AC3/31 – Now we are getting there.This laminate flooring can withstand any type of heavy residential traffic, such as hallways  living rooms and dining rooms and may also be used in a professional setting with light traffic.This is truly a grade of flooring that will give you no trouble and lasts normally from 15 to 20 years.
    • AC4 – laminate flooring is designed for the home with heavy traffic and commercial premises with moderately intense traffic. Ideal for small shops and offices. This grade is normally used in rooms that are in constant use or in a commercial capacity.
    • AC5 – laminate flooring is designed for high-traffic commercial areas like department stores, shopping centres, and office buildings. It has a rough finish that can withstand the most abuse.The cream of the crop.
  • At Laminate flooring Ireland, we do not recommending AC1 or AC2 and even some AC3 laminate flooring systems. We would also not consider laying flooring with no AC grade, as these types of floor are often cheap alternatives that offer no or limited warranty.
  • We suggest for the best value and wear ability you should consider at least an AC/31 or any of the AC4 rated floors.Paying a little for an AC4 rated floor will always pay dividends in the ling term.

laying-laminate-floor imageLaying your Laminate Flooring

Our laying laminate flooring guidelines provide the expert assistance you need to stay informed and keep your project on time and within budget every-time.  Here are some of the mail things you need to know.

  1. Acclimate the flooring in your room for 48 hours before installation.
  2. Clean the floor and make sure it’s free of any dirt and debris.
  3. For best results use at least an 8mm board if possible.
  4. In upstairs bedrooms use the best silent underlay you can to inhibit sound and lessen the noise level(Premium silent underlay is a good choice)
  5.  In most rooms  3mm foam underlay is sufficient  when laying your Laminate flooring
  6. For the best appearance, lay planks parallel to the longest wall.

 Taking care of your Laminate Flooring

Here are some crucial tips for when you are cleaning your Laminate wood flooring ;

On normal cleaning days it is sufficient to either vacuum or brush clean the floors. However if you wish to give your laminate flooring a really good clean you can do so with a shop bought laminate floor cleaner or you can make up your own cleaner by just mixing equal parts of vinegar and warm water. These methods dry spot-free quickly, but be sure to work in small areas of the floor at a time.

Firstly, vacuum the crevices and edges of the wooden floors with a brush attachment. Then wet mop the floor thoroughly making sure all loose material is off the floor before you start. For best results work an almost dry wet mop in areas of about 1 meter square and dry immediately. To dry the floor, wrap a dry towel around the end of a mop handle, or use safety pins to attach it to a floor duster.

We hope this has been a help to anyone that is think of doing up a room or some renovations in the near future.

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